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Trak Global Vehicle Security Solutions is the only complete, one stop vehicle security solution for rental fleets, car clubs and other fleet-based organisations.

Our exceptional team is responsible, proactive and committed in delivering and finding solutions to solve problems quickly.

The Vehicle Security Solution is extremely flexible to meet any business security monitoring and tracking requirement, this includes choice of hardware options, configurable 24/7 monitoring, repatriation and recovery services.

Organisations can use the fully managed service or just specific services or components tailored to your business need.

Key Features

24 Hour Monitoring and Recovery

Using a network of former police officers and experienced investigators, with established links into law enforcement, cyber and physical protection and transport organisations, at risk vehicles are swiftly identified and recovered without the need to put your own staff at risk recovering vehicles from potentially dangerous criminals.

Customer Portal for Data Analysis

View all your vehicle's data including locations.

Suite of alerts for vehicles at-risk

Alerts can be set up geofence areas to detect your vehicle entering a high-risk area such as ports/borders.

T7 Device

Granular data for driver behaviour and journey details.
Leading Impact Detection, for instant notifications of accidents
Stolen vehicle recovery


Undetectable by GPS wands commonly used by thieves
Leading Impact Detection, for instant notifications of accidents
Stolen vehicle recovery
Ease of installation
Installation options:
a) one hardware option across your entire fleet,
b) a mixture of hardware across your fleet based on the security requirements of specific vehicles,
c) or a combination of hardware within the same vehicle for the ultimate in security and connected data needs.
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