Our Sectors

Investing in new sectors where theft is high and demand for security devices is necessary.

Smart Sleeper

Industry leading technology that is undetectable by thieves.

Our "Smart Sleeper" will operate the latest technology to counter detection if your car is stolen. It will have additional functionality enabling you to download journey history and impact detection from the device if required. Available summer 2024.

SVR Insurance

Trak Global Security Solutions supplies SVR solutions to insurers and brokers to help recovery stolen vehicles and protect premiums.

With vehicle theft continuing to be an ongoing issue in the UK we work with insurers and brokers solely for the recovery of stolen assets. We offer full investigative and recovery and repatriation services to help reduce the number of settlements this sector is currently doing.


4,000 stolen Caravans and Motorhomes per year. 780,000 Caravans and Motorhomes in the UK.

The leisure industry has grown significantly over the past few years through the purchase of Caravans, Motorhomes, Jetski's and boats. These assets are often stored in unsecure locations and prime targets for thieves. The covertly installed TGSS Sleeper gives you peace of mind knowing the location of your asset at all times.


c. 10,000 Motorbikes stolen in 2022. 1.36m Motorbikes registered in the UK.

Motorbikes are small assets and hard to install a hardwired tracker due their small electrical systems. The TGSS Sleeper is small, battery powered and easy to conceal increasing your chance of recovering your asset if its stolen.


£50m of agricultural machinery stolen in past 12 months. £2.4b of agricultural machinery procured in 2022.

The agriculture sector has a many assets that have no power supply and are often left in unsecure locations and easy targets for thieves. The TGSS Sleeper is battery powered, IP67 rated (water proof) and easy to conceal on powered or non powered agricultural machinery.


c. 50,000 pieces of equipment in the UK. £400m worth of equipment stolen in 2022.

The Plant industry is growing significantly across the UK with implementation of HS2 and the upgrade of the UK's motorway networks. With this growth there has been an increase is theft too. The TGSS hardwired tracker and Sleeper Unit are bringing both protection and valuable data into the use of plant equipment.

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