Your challenges, our priority

Our team excels in providing top-tier vehicle protection and control over assets.

With a wealth of experience, we’re relentless in finding solutions at the time when our customers need it the most.

Using the most reliable tech and with a team who’s agile and unwavering in commitment - we help you keep your assets and therefore your P&L on trak.

Your problem is our concern and we exist to help our clients feel more in control of their assets, keeping things on trak.

Our Values

Ahead of the curve

Innovation and adapting for the future are at at the heart of our dynamic business.

Performance and delivery excellence

Everything we do comes from a place of expertise, knowledge and unquestionable integrity.


We take pride in what we do, how we show up and we’re accountable for what we deliver. If we say we are going to do something then you can have confidence we most certainly will.

Trusted by some of the worlds leading rental services


years of protecting assets for fleet operators


countries technology has been deployed across the UK, EU and US


billion miles analyzed and growing rapidly

Senior Team

Dave Turnock Managing Director


After 5 years in the armed forces, I’ve spent over 20 years in the automotive sector, firstly in daily rental followed by 13 years in vehicle telematics and asset protection for fleet operators. After joining Trak Global shortly after it was founded in 2012, we quickly became the UK market leader in supplying solutions to the rental sector. We now move into a new chapter as I lead the business in expansion across Europe and developing new sectors in the UK.

Andy Christopher CEO


I have over 30 year’s experience in the motor insurance and fleet sectors. A successful entrepreneur having owned several automotive businesses ranging from Insurtech to Motor Repair Networks. A proven track record in Leadership and pulling together the right teams to ensure success. An extensive network of Senior leaders across the Insurance and Fleet sectors which will ensure we reach our growth strategy within TGSS.

Omi Omirou CFO


It’s about helping companies succeed and grow. Omi founded Michael Omiros Ltd back in 2007, and is a fully qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and member of the FCCA. His previous role was as an auditor at Wilkins Kennedy LLP, where he worked for more than 10 years. Aside from having a fascination with the financial side of running a business, Omi is driven by a genuine desire to nurture companies and see them prosper. Excited about being part of this new chapter for a well established telematics company as I navigate it through European expansion and entering new sectors in the UK.

Dave Sheperd Non-Exec Chairman


Dave has been in the vehicle repair and insurance claims business for most of his working life, has a curious open mind, deep industry and commercial experience including setting up, acquiring and selling several businesses, plus thirteen years in various international senior executive with Solera, a global technology business, and has an impressive track record of developing collaborative working environments, setting culture, operating values and building empowered, high output teams. Dave delivers solutions to complex problems by ensuring requirements and objectives are properly understood and aligned with our stakeholders, driving sustainable success for our people, our customers and our business.

Iain Burkinshaw Senior Account Manager


Senior Sales & Account Management Professional With over 13 years of dedication to the fleet & rental tracking industry, a seasoned professional in sales & account management, with a relentless commitment to understanding and delivering customer requirements. Professional Journey: At the forefront of fleet and rental tracking sales, his extensive experience has equipped him with to deal with the challenges that arise and gain customer confidence to get the job done! Customer Centric Approach – Centred around the customer, Iain ensures he fully understands the customer model to create a long lasting customer partnership. Strategic & Operational Focus: A strategic mindset and an eye for operational excellence, he has consistently provided solutions that address not only immediate challenges but with focus on the long term goals of his clients. Long Term Solutions for Long Term Customers: Iain is a partner in the success of his customers with a belief in the power of sustained partnerships. A passion for solution delivery, he thrives on turning a customer requirement into tangible effective solution.

Graham Turner Head of Operations


With an illustrious 18-year journey in the logistics and operations realm, Graham stands as a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience and a relentless commitment to excellence. Holding a CPC qualification and having been a previous O license holder, Graham brings a unique blend of operational insight and regulatory understanding to the table. Professional Journey: Graham's career in logistics commenced as a transport planner in haulage, and over the years, he has ascended the ranks to become a distinguished Head of Logistics & Operations. Experienced in overseeing large fleets & drivers, with a remarkable achievement of consistently passing yearly audits with the FTA (Freight Transport Association). Key Skills: Process-Driven Excellence: Graham is a process-driven professional with a proven track record of identifying operational gaps and driving improvements. His keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of logistics and operations is optimized for efficiency. Continuous Improvement Systems: With a passion for continuous improvement, Graham has successfully implemented systems that elevate operational performance and enhance overall logistics processes. People Management: A skilled people manager, Graham understands the pivotal role that a motivated and well-coordinated team plays in achieving operational success. His leadership style fosters collaboration and productivity. Budget Management & Cost Analysis:  Graham is highly adept at managing budgets and conducting detailed cost analysis. His expertise lies in finding innovative ways to save costs without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Sharyn Morley Head of Security & Account Manager


Sharyn provides a specialised focus on asset tracking and recovery. With a wealth of experience in the Vehicle Rental, Leasing and Mobility Sector, bringing a unique blend of expertise & strategic insight to the dynamic landscape of Vehicle Security. Professional Background: Sharyn’s journey in the security arena has been marked with relentless commitment to excellence, Her extensive background in the Vehicle Rental Industry has honed her ability to understand and address unique challenges faced by business in this ever-evolving security requirement. Key Skills: Asset Tracking & Recovery: Sharyn provides a deep understanding of asset tracking & recovery, ensuring that business can safeguard their valuable assets with precision & efficiency. Industry Expertise: With a keen insight into the nuances of the vehicle Rental, Leasing & Mobility Sectors, Sharyn leverages her industry specific knowledge to offer solutions that align and protect in this every changing world. Passion for Client Success: At the core of Sharyn’s approach is the passion & commitment to client success. She understands that security is not just about protection, it’s about enabling business to thrive without fear, by working closely with clients to ensure that TGSS not only meet but exceeds client expectation.

Jade Hassanyeh Account Manager


With an illustrious career over six years in the telematics and camera industry, specifically catering to automotive and rental companies, I have built my expertise in the meticulous art of client relationship management. Specialising in the cultivation and preservations of robust client connections, I am adept at discerning client needs and orchestrating the seamless delivery of products and services. My professional trajectory underscores a dedicated commitment to client satisfaction, emphasising retention strategies and astute identification of avenues for account growth. My overarching goal is to transform clients into strong advocates of the business by actively contributing to their mission of safeguarding drivers and valuable assets. Drawing upon my rich personal experience in this domain, I have not only navigated the intricacies of telematics and camera technologies but have also cultivated an intuitive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that emerge in the automotive and rental sectors. This hands-on familiarity positions me as a strategic account manager capable of delivering tailored solutions that transcend mere transactions, fostering enduring partnerships.

Debbie Harding EA & HR Administrator


I have over 20 years of experience in both EA and HR roles across several industries including Hotel Management and Secondary School Education.  In the Executive Assistant role, I provide secretarial support and am responsible for managing the schedules and communications of the Director and CEO.  Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally, as a HR professional I give counsel regarding all HR policies and procedures, including offering guidance on employee recruitment and retention, evaluating employee performance and working within the intricacies of people management to encourage and nurture good working relationships.


W4G Track Recovery is an asset monitoring, investigation and repatriation company, providing risk management advice to the automotive sectors.

Through our state-of-the-art case management system, we are able to provide Management Information to identify opportunities within organisations to save costs, increase margins and prevent loss.

  • Efficiently investigating, locating and repatriating assets
  • Reactive monitoring of tracked asset alerts using the latest telematic technology
  • Effectively managing alerts and recovery’s using innovative case management system
  • Bespoke screening on individuals hiring High-End vehicles

24 hr vehicle monitoring control room

We have a specialist team built around Asset tracking and recovery, to manage highly bespoke integrated services.
We handle calls & alerts throughout the day and night, monitoring assets, coordinating agents and providing lone working protection.
Enabling full continuity of service, improving recovery times.
Providing vital link between Client Requirements, Case Management and Recovery Agents.
Audited system of works ensuring GDPR and DPA guidelines are met.
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